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Sacred Texts  Case Studies

Encounters with Time Travellers have been found documented in many sacred texts including

Besides some future historical events being reported, images and sequences of pictures from this modern CD-ROM have been described.

Read and examine the findings for yourself in the following Case Studies.
The E-Books (with page numbers) that contain the related topics are referenced.

Verses in the Qur'an

16:14,79; 31:31; 42:32; 52:1. ref: p38.
18:70,76. ref: p210.
18:83-92 describe historical events stated on the cd-rom. ref: p211.

The Throngs story, verses 39:1,6 describe six modern people. p123.
The Ladder in the 'climbing the ladder to heaven' story was identified by Ronald Pegg as associated with the cd-rom. pp170, 209.

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed

The Book of Mormon

Lehi in 600BCE, Moroni in 421 CE, Smith Senior in 1811CE, and Joseph Smith Jnr. in 1823CE all report the CD-Rom being present. pp34-36

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed

The Mid 1800s Smith Encounter
Chapter 32, pp123-143

The two artifacts also in the sealed box, were two compact disks in their plastic jewel cases.

A New Understanding 2

Verses in the Bible

Books of EXODUS and NUMBERS describe a Compact Disk and its Jewel Base
Section L, Part 5, pp140-144

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed

Chapters 4, 8, 9 & 40 to 43 Describe CD-ROM Pictures

From 166 verses, 405 descriptions match CD-ROM pictures

The Book of EZEKIEL

Chapters 1 to 12 Examined

CD-ROM pictures and specific modern Historical Events are described

The Book of DANIEL

Chapters 1 to 22 Examined

CD-ROM pictures and specific modern Historical Events are described.
The date of 'Armageddon' revealed and the 666 Puzzle Solved.


The Book of Genesis

Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 describe CD-ROM pictures
2017 academic PAPER 5

The Gospel of Mark

38 Life Stories of Jesus Describe CD-ROM pictures
2017 academic PAPER 6

Evidence of TIME TRAVEL Found in the BIBLE
PAPERS 5 and 6 in PDF format
(By Atheists' requests, the E-Book version has been renamed)


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