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Legends and Ancient Texts Case Studies

Time Travel encounters have been found documented in many legends and ancient texts

Specifically, images and sequences of pictures from this modern CD-ROM have been reported or documented in the following legends or texts.

Read and examine the findings for yourself in the following Case Studies.
The E-Books (with chapter numbers) that contain the related topics are referenced.


Egyptian Mythological Gods  Chapter 2

Akkadian Creation Story  Chapter 1

Atlantis Discovered  Chapter 6

A New Understanding 1

Sumerian Mythological Gods  Chapter 26
The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin.
A Time Travel Encounter - not Aliens

UFO in Ezekiel was a TT Encounter  Chapter 33
Celestial Ships by Wayne Herschel.
His UFO/Alien theory debunked

A New Understanding 2

The Apparatus of NOSTRADAMUS identified
Events from Quatrains matched to actual modern Historical Events.
American 11 September 2001 incident at the World Trade Centre is documented in Presages 69 to 74

Nostradamus Unsealed

Historical Events of NOSTRADAMUS identified
Letters to King Henry and Cesar examined.
Quatrains and Sestets describe Ronal Pegg's activities and other historical events. pp128-139

A New Perspective - Nostradamus


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