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Two Australian Researchers

Ronald Pegg and his  Booklets | Eddy Pengelly and his eReports
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Categories of Findings

Level 1  Proof
Comprehensive Time Travel Evidence is presented in 6 Papers:
3 x Time Travel Proof   + 3 Case Studies.

Our eReports present the following topics:

18 Documented Time Travel Encounters - Summary Report;
Computer Technology described in 35 Ancient Texts - Preview Publication;
Computer Technology described in Ancient Texts - 9 Case Studies;
Computer Technology described in Religious Texts - 5 Case Studies.

Level 2  Proof
Modern Events reported in Religious Texts Identified - 3 Case Studies;
Modern Events reported in the works of Nostradamus Identified - 2 Books.

Level 3  Understanding
Consequences of Time Travel Encounters in Religious Texts - 2 Reports.

The Significance

We were astonished when the evidence was telling us that Some type of Computer Technology was in use Back in the Ancient Past.

But, as the same computer technology was showing up in documented accounts spanning 5,000 years of our history - we finally realized that what had found was actually Proof of Time Travel, Back to the Past.
Our Video (last option below) reveals the where, when, and what was seen by whom.

Then after more scrutiny, as the many unintended consequences revealed themselves and What went Wrong came to our attention, we realized that the world's public need to be informed of all these world-breaking discoveries. NEWS RELEASES, VIDEOS, PAPERS and BOOKS are now available.

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Modern Objects Back in the Past

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